City Attorney

The City Attorney is retained by the City Council to provide general legal services to:
  • Arcata Community Development Agency
  • City Council
  • City Departments
  • City Manager
  • Successor Agency
Contract Relationship
The City Attorney is retained by the City Council through a contract relationship, and the City Attorney's client is the City Council, not any individual council member. The City Attorney provides general legal counsel in matters pertaining to:
  • Document Preparation
    • Prepares and reviews ordinances, resolutions, contracts, agreements, and other legal documents
    • Prepares legal pleadings, reports, correspondence and other legal documents
  • Legal Representation
    • Provides legal defense in matters pertaining to City liability and exposure
    • Manages and defends the City against litigation and claims
  • Legal Review and Advice
    • Advises the City Council, City Manager and City staff on legal matters impacting or affecting the City
    • Attends City Council meetings, and other meetings upon request
  • Municipal Code Enforcement
    • Enforces and prosecutes violations of the municipal code
    • Supports staff in fairly enforcing community standards and codes
The City Attorney’s role is outlined in California Government Code, sections 41801-41805, City Attorney.