Arcata Forest Projects & Tours

A variety of volunteer forest projects and tours are available, periodically, throughout the year. Invasive plant removal, trail construction and a variety of guided interpretive tours are some of the ongoing events offered annually. Please call or email the Environmental Services Department to inquire about dates of these events.

Love your Community Forest? Be a Volunteer Trail Steward

For more information or to volunteer, email the division. Volunteer Trail Stewards (VTS) is a grass roots program of the Humboldt Trails Council. Stewards serve as community eyes and ears whenever they are out walking, running or riding the trail. Stewards also call in safety hazards, pick up litter and report camping or inappropriate use but are not the police. In addition, about once a month Stewards host a Saturday morning work session where volunteers work with City staff on a trail project. This may be brushing back a section of trail, rebuilding a wash-out, removing exotic plants or improving signage. No prior experience or tools are required; the only qualification is willingness. “I found it to be rewarding work that yields noticeable results,” says Hammond Trail Steward Kevin Wright. The VTS program is important for several reasons. City and county government budgets in Humboldt County are stretched to the breaking point. The expense of maintaining trails is one of the most cited reasons for resistance to building additional trails. For example, it costs the County as much as $60,000 a year to maintain the Hammond Trail. The VTS program demonstrates that citizen support and involvement can lower the cost of trail maintenance. Second, community presence out on the trails helps minimize vandalism and maximize safety, a positive outcome of community involvement, ownership and responsibility for common space.