Youth Development Scholarship Fund

The City of Arcata Recreation Division's Youth Development Scholarship Fund provides fee reductions to youth from low-income families. We are committed to providing all youth of qualifying families with a 30% fee reduction (effective January 1st 2012) for recreation programs offered throughout the year.

During 2016, 319 scholarships were awarded for classes, programs, and camps providing a total of $10,848.50 in assistance.

Scholarship Fund
For those families interested in utilizing our scholarship fund, a yearly one-page application form is available at the office or can be mailed upon request. Applications must be accompanied by a copy of financial assistance and/or wage verification. Similar to our registration form, you must complete a new form for each year. Our office is committed to making registration into any of our programs as easy as possible for you, our valued customers.

Grants, Donations & Fundraisers
This Scholarship fund relies solely on grants, donations, and fundraisers to provide this invaluable service to the community. If you would like to make a donation to the Youth Development Scholarship Fund please contact the Recreation Office at 707-822-7091 or send a check payable to "City of Arcata":
736 F Street
Arcata, CA 95521

You can now even donate online. All donations are tax deductible. Tax ID# 94-2186507

The Youth Development Scholarship Fund is made possible in part by the Humboldt Area Foundation, Humboldt Sponsors and independent community donors like you. Donate today!