Recycling & Garbage

The Arcata City Council has developed a universal curbside solid waste and recycling collection program alongside the Arcata community.  This program meets State waste reduction mandates, provides convenient service, reduces illegal disposal and public health hazards and assists the City in moving towards the goal of zero waste in our community.

The universal curbside collection program requires that all property, multifamily and business property owners subscribe to one of the service levels for garbage and recycling collection with the City's Authorized Collection Contractor, Recology.  To sign up for service, pay your bill, or find out about collection rates and services available through Recology Arcata, please visit Recology Arcata’s website or call 707.442.5711. 

Residential Services

Residential customers receive the following services:

  • Optional curbside yard waste collection.
  • Twice per year no extra charge bulky item pickup for Single-Family homes. Call Recology Arcata to schedule. 
  • Curbside weekly recycling collection. Check out the Curbside Recycling Guidelines (PDF).
  • Curbside garbage collection. There are many bin sizes and service levels to choose from.
  • Curbside green waste collection.  To learn more visit Recology Arcata.
  • Still unsure of where where you should dispose of something? Check out this interactive Recology resource called "What Bin?"

Tote Guidelines

To make sure the garbage or recycling truck’s automated arm can safely grasp each cart, please follow the guidelines outlined below.

  • Totes must have at least 6 feet clearance from parked cars, mailboxes, utility poles, fences, hedges, and trees.
  • There must be at least 3 to 6 feet clearance between totes.
  • Tote lids must close in order to prevent spilled garbage/recycling and to prevent animals from scattering garbage/recycling. 

Green Waste Drop Off Resources

Residents also have access to green waste drop off locations.  Steve Morris Logging took over the green waste drop-off and composting agreement with Humboldt Waste Management Authority as of April 1 when they bought the Wes Green Company. The new business is now only accepting drop-off green waste at their Glendale location (1500 Glendale Drive) where they have a certified scale. Recology Arcata customers who live within city limits can take Greenwaste and unpainted lumber to the Glendale location for drop-off.  If you would like to learn more about green waste disposal and drop off please visit our Compost and Green waste page.

Recycling Drop Off Locations in Humboldt County

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