Recycling & Garbage


Eureka Recycling Center at Humboldt Waste Management Authority (HWMA) is temporarily closing on August 1, 2022. It will re-open at a new location early 2023 pending property acquisition and permitting. Household recycling, carpets, tires and hazardous waste materials are still being accepted during the closure. Click here for more information and alternative locations for items not being accepted. For questions about this closure, contact HWMA

Where can I Recycle in Humboldt County flyer

The Arcata City Council worked with the community to develop a universal curbside solid waste and recycling collection program to continue to meet State waste reduction mandates, provide convenient service, reduce illegal disposal and public health hazards, and assist the City in moving towards the goal of zero waste in our community. The program requires that all property owners and multifamily and business property owners subscribe to one of the service levels for garbage and recycling collection. To sign up for service, pay your bill, or find out about rates and recycling/yard waste/garbage services available through Recology Arcata (formerly Arcata Garbage Company), visit the Recology Arcata online resource. Recyclables can also be dropped-off at a local recycling drop-off facility.

Single-Family Residence Services

Residential customers receive the following services:
  • Optional curbside yard waste collection.
  • Twice per year no extra charge bulky item pickup. Call Recology Arcata to schedule. 
  • Curbside weekly recycling collection. Check out the Curbside Recycling Guidelines (PDF).
  • Curbside garbage collection. There are many bin sizes and service levels to choose from.
  • Access to the green waste drop-off site.
  • Still unsure of where where you should dispose of something? Check out this interactive Recology resource called "What Bin?"

Tote Guidelines

To make sure the garbage or recycling truck’s automated arm can safely grasp each cart, please follow the guidelines outlined below.

  • Totes must have at least 6 feet clearance from parked cars, mailboxes, utility poles, fences, hedges, and trees.
  • There must be at least 3 to 6 feet clearance between totes.
  • Tote lids must close in order to prevent spilled garbage/recycling and to prevent animals from scattering garbage/recycling. 

Multifamily & Business Services

State law (SB 1018) mandates that all businesses that generate 4 or more cubic yards of waste weekly, and all multifamily housing with 5 or more units recycle. Note that the property owner may allow a tenant to be the customer, but the property owner will remain ultimately responsible for service charges.