Housing Division

City of Arcata Housing Survey

The CitCity of Arcata Housing Survey Opens in new windowy of Arcata’s intent is to provide adequate housing opportunities while maintaining a high standard of living for all residents in the community. The purpose of this survey is to understand what housing types will accommodate current and future residents’ needs. 

Arcata residents, those who would like to live in Arcata, and those who are considering living in Arcata are asked to share their experiences regarding housing and economic development opportunities by taking this short survey. 

The Housing Survey is available now through September 30, 2019. To take the survey in English, please click here. Para realizar la encuesta en español, haga clic aquí.

A variety of housing opportunities in the city of Arcata is a primary goal of the City Council.  The Housing Division uses grant funding and program income to provide affordable housing opportunities, and collaborates with Planning Division staff to assist developers of affordable and market rate housing projects.

Housing programs offered may vary depending on whether grant funds are available at the time.  Current programs support the following:

  • A range of housing choices, including affordable housing for individuals and groups;
  • Infill development in vacant, brownfield, and underutilized land;
  • Creation of residential units on upper floors of businesses; 
  • Rental assistance for qualifying individuals

Most housing programs are open to applicants who meet State income qualification guidelines. Income limits are determined by the CA Department of Housing and Community Development.

If you are searching for affordable housing in Arcata, follow the link for a list of resources.

Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (TBRA)

UPDATE: As of 06-01-19 we are no longer accepting new applicants for TBRA.  For more information, please see the TBRA page.  

Substandard Housing

Do you rent a property that is substandard or uninhabitable?  Find out how the City may be able to assist you with our booklet Substandard Housing - A Guide for Renters.  Just click the link below.


Click here for information, guidelines, and pre-application forms.

Urgency Measure - Temporary Moratorium on Closure / Conversion of Mobilehome Parks

On Wednesday, May 1, 2019 the City Council considered and adopted a moratorium on the closure or conversion of any mobilehome park within City limits.  This moratorium will be in place for 45 days.  The Council anticipates extending the moratorium for an additional 22 months, 15 days, at its June 5 meeting.  The purpose of the moratorium is to prevent closure of mobilehome parks while the City is developing regulations and zoning requirements for closure and conversion.

See the adopted ordinance.

Mobilehome Rent Stabilization Ordinance

A draft ordinance amending mobilehome park regulations pertaining to space rents stabilization is available for review.  

A stakeholders meeting was held Friday, November 16, 2018 at City Hall.  Click for a copy of the presentation made about Space Rent Stabilization Revisions to the ordinance.

Housing Projects

Click here to find out more about housing projects the City is involved with.  You can also find property management contact information.