The City of Arcata Geographic Information System (GIS) provides digital geographic information analysis and mapping services to City staff, the public, and other jurisdictions and features public access to maps and data. The GIS program also maintains and updates a variety of City databases and records including but not limited to: Parcel ownership, easements, building activity, stormwater utility information, wetlands, zoning, historical sites, and water quality information.

Attention! Your access to and /or use of any and all information provided herein constitutes your agreement to Terms of Use. These maps are for informational purposes only. The City of Arcata, including any employees and sub-contractors, makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the information contained in this map. The City of Arcata, including any employees and sub-contractors, disclaims liability for any and all damages which may arise due to errors in the map and the user's reliance thereon.

Interactive Maps  

Parcel Finder: Looking for Property Information?  Find a parcel by Address or Assessor Parcel Number and generate a PDF report of parcel information such as zoningFEMA Flood Zones, historic districts, land use, parks, seismic features, and more!  The Parcel Finder is comprehensive and contains over 100 map layers, 7.5 minute Topographic Quads and historical imagery (1941-2016).  For help using this application see this guide.

Arcata Community Real-Time Dashboard:
 The City of Arcata’s GIS team put together a dashboard of real-time data and maps showing global COVID-19 status(John Hopkins University), weather, traffic, natural hazards, PG & E outages all in  one site called “Arcata Community Real-Time Dashboard”.  Browse and explore how realtime GIS data is helping us get a better understanding of our world and helping us make better more informed decisions.  Currently this application works only on desktop computers using a supported browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge. 

1854-2022 Historical Imagery/Survey Map Viewer: This application compares 2 different Aerial Imagery dates or Historical Survey maps side by side with a toggle bar to slide back and forth to reveal what is underneath. This application contains 50 different layers to choose from with many covering Humboldt Bay. 

Arcata Historical Highlights: This map is an interactive telling of Arcata's history. This tour will take you through historical highlights from 1850 to 1970. Please use your space bar to advance through the Story Map. 
Tour Arcata's Trails: Enjoy this interactive GIS Story Map of the City of Arcata's trails! Lear more about the beautiful trails the City has to offer members of the community and visitors. Please use your space bar to advance through the Story Map.
Explore Arcata!: Learn more about the City of Arcata with this interactive GIS Story Map. Take a self-guided tour of some of Arcata's world-famous locations and events. Please use your space bar to advance through the Story Map.
75 Years of Landscape Change in Arcata: One way to better understand how Arcata's landscape has changed through the years is to view early aerial photographs. Use this interactive map to compare aerial imagery from 1941 and 2016. To use the map, drag the slider from left to right.

Download GIS Data

Download City of Arcata's GIS spatial data in .shp format for use in Mapping Software like ArcView

Download the Humboldt Bay Sea Level Rise Water Level Extract Program

Developed by Jeff Anderson of Northern Hydrology & Engineering and funded by the City's Environmental Services Department, the Humboldt Bay Sea Level Rise Water Level Extract Program is an Excel application that provides the user with the Humboldt Bay water level elevation data developed for the Humboldt Bay: Sea Level Rise, Hydrodynamic Modeling, and Inundation Vulnerability Mapping project (Northern Hydrology & Engineering, 2015). The model was developed and used to predict water levels within the existing shorelines of Humboldt Bay for five sea level rise scenarios. 

Smart Phone Users/Mobile Devices

Going hiking in the Community Forest or Marsh? Looking for downtown parking? Download Arcata's free mobile maps from Avenza PDF Maps and track your location with a blue "You Are Here" dot. No need for cellular coverage to view these maps and there are no data roaming charges when traveling