Streets and Utilities

The Streets and Utilities Division is comprised of:
  • Street Construction and Maintenance
  • Water Distribution and Maintenance
  • Wastewater Collection
  • Confined Drainage Ways
  • Traffic Control

Street Construction & Maintenance

Street Construction and Maintenance is responsible for all roadway maintenance and reconstruction. The City had a total of 70 lane miles of streets as of March, 2007. Street construction/maintenance personnel provide comprehensive street right-of-way maintenance and rehabilitation, including sweeping of 120 curb miles which is supported by the utility tax fund , and repair of roadways, underpasses, and overcrossings. Also, grades, cleans, and maintains unimproved roads, road shoulders, and medians to assure safe driving and parking conditions.

Vegetation Management

Street Construction and Maintenance also administers the comprehensive maintenance of the City's annual vegetation management program for vegetation control/removal within the City right-of-way. Monitors and responds to emergency storm conditions such as street flooding, downed trees, and debris removal; and provides staff support and assistance in hazardous waste activities and recycling programs.

Per the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, landowners and contractors preparing to do vegetation management or removal on private property between the months of February and August should check for active bird nests, to prevent the unlawful "taking" of any migratory bird. The City of Arcata Vegetation Management and Construction Guidelines for the Protection of Nesting Birds (PDF) provides seasonal guidelines to help decide when to limb trees, trim brush, and remove vegetation. 

Water Distribution & Maintenance

This activity is responsible for the maintenance of 76.5 miles of water distribution mains, the installation of new services and the repair/replacement, as need be, of approximately 6,067 services in the City. This activity provides comprehensive maintenance and rehabilitation of all water service lines, main distribution lines, water valves, fire hydrants, and water valve lids and water meter boxes.

Wastewater Collection

This activity is responsible for the maintenance of 64 miles of wastewater collection system network in the City of Arcata. This activity provides comprehensive maintenance and rehabilitation of all main and service lateral sewer lines, clean-outs, and manholes.

Confined Drainage Ways

This activity is responsible for comprehensive maintenance and rehabilitation of 29 miles of various sized drainage lines, one mile of culverts and all stormwater catch basins, drainage inlets, arch drains, and natural drainage facilities.

Disconnect Your Downspout from the Sewer System

How to Safely Disconnect a Downspout from the Sewer (PDF)

Traffic Control

Traffic Control is responsible for all regulatory, warning, and parking signs, crosswalks, street name signs and speed zone legend painting. Traffic Control administers and coordinates the repainting of existing striping on City roadways and the repainting of existing and installation of new traffic pavement messages, repainting of curbs, reflective markers and City facility parking control markings.

Traffic Control also administers the maintenance and replacement of 2,450 parking regulation signs, 1,000 regulatory signs, 500 warning signs, 300 "Stop" signs, approximately 1,400 street name signs, signs for guidance for the public and emergency vehicles and the maintenance of approximately 67 double head parking meters and 13 single head parking meters.