Government Transparency

The City Clerk’s Office is often considered the main source for information sought by the public. One of the most important links between city government and the public which it serves occurs through the accurate and prompt means of communication, either verbally or through printed material. Assisting the public with obtaining requested public records is an inherent duty of the City Clerk. The Government Code specifically designates what information is available to the public in light of the fact that the city is maintaining the public’s business. Cities are able to charge a fee to recover some of the costs of providing information.

Public Records Request

Pursuant to California Government Code sections 6250-6270 (the Public Records Act), public records are available for viewing and/or copying upon request to the City Clerk. The City has 10 days to determine if the records exist and are disclosable, or provide a written notice of extension, if needed. The charge for copies is 10 cents per page and is due and payable prior to delivery of the requested copies.

Requests for public records may be made in person at the City Manager's Office, or by mailing the Request for Public Records Form (PDF) to the City Clerk.

Ethics Training

Assembly Bill No. 1234 requires that if a local agency provided any type of compensation, salary, or stipend to, or reimbursed the expenses of a member of its legislative body, that local agency's officials must receive training in ethics. The City Clerk is responsible for tracking and retaining public officials’ proof of participation in ethics training.

California State law requires that public officials complete 2 hours of public service ethics education every 2 years. This training is required for the City Council members, Planning Commissioners, Economic Development Committee members and designated staff. Online training is offered through the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC). Certificates of course completion are kept on file by the City Clerk and copies are available at 10 cents per page from the City Clerk's Office.

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