Humboldt Bay Trail North

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Arcata Rail With Trail Connectivity

Non-motorized trails and transportation corridors add to the quality of life on the North Coast. For over a decade now, the need for a safe commuter route between Arcata and Eureka has been identified as the #1 project to support existing bicycle commuters and attract more commuters away from motorized travel. The City of Arcata Rail with Trail Connectivity Project proposes to build the 1st half of that project as well as create connectivity throughout the City of Arcata (view proposal (PDF)). The State Coastal Conservancy has funded the initial planning including environmental review, alignment determination, operational planning and construction engineering designs. This project is now ready for construction and the City, along with our many project partners, is actively seeking construction funding. Be part of making this project happen, by writing a letter of support today and emailing.

See what it is like to ride the 101 corridor today by watching this video.

The most current plan set and alignment has been updated.

Humboldt Bay Trail: A Visual Overview

Humboldt Bay Trail North Powerpoint Presentation June 2017
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About the Project

The Humboldt Bay Trail will link the cities of Arcata and Eureka, with a Class I, ADA-accessible multi-use trail. The corridor will also serve as a section of the California Coastal Trail (click here to see a short video on the Humboldt Bay Trail within the context of the California Coastal Trail). Approximately half of the trail is within the Highway 101 corridor, and runs adjacent to the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge. This grant will fund the final phase of the Humboldt Bay Trail–North, from Samoa Boulevard in Arcata to the Highway 101/Bracut intersection, and will be built within the North Coast Railroad Authority’s railroad right-of-way.

The Humboldt Bay Trail is the backbone of Humboldt County’s envisioned regional trail system, linking the cities of Arcata and Eureka. The project will divert bicycle and pedestrian traffic away from Highway 101, State Route 255 and Old Arcata Road onto a regionally-desired multimodal trail. Arcata’s section is a 4.5-mile-long Class I, ADA-accessible trail that will provide a safe route between Humboldt County’s 2 largest cities. The proposed trail will allow the community to eliminate over 60,000 motorized vehicle trips annually while connecting key Arcata neighborhoods with local destinations, such as the downtown, high school, parks, and business districts. Active Transportation Program (ATP) investment will help save lives, improve traffic flow on Highway 101, provide low-income populations with improved transportation choices, preserve rail infrastructure, and protect sensitive coastal habitats. This project has been firmly established as the region’s #1 transportation priority. The project is build-ready, highly matched by local funds and draws on exceptional community support and partnerships. 

The project has received broad support from local elected leaders, and enjoys the backing of Assemblyman Wesley Chesbro, Congressman Jared Huffman and Senators Barbara Boxer and Diana Feinstein. Trail improvements have also received financial and technical assistance resources from Caltrans, the National Park Service’s Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program, and the California State Coastal Conservancy.
TIGER VI 2014 Grant for Funding of Phase II, Samoa to Bracut
The City along with its partners; CalTrans, HCAOG, State Coastal Conservancy, Humboldt County and the local community have applied for $ 2.8 million in grant funds from the Federal TIGER grant program. See the documents below for more details
Tiger Grants