Risk Management

The City Manager is the Risk Manager for the City of Arcata and oversees the City’s risk management programs which include the following:
  • City Insurance: The City of Arcata maintains insurance covering general liabilities, property, vehicles, boilers and machinery, earthquakes, floods, worker's compensation and employee fidelity.
  • Claims Processing: As prescribed by the Government Code of the State of California, the City of Arcata provides a process for making claims against the City involving bodily injury, property damage or other loss. The claimant, or a person acting on behalf of the claimant, must present a claim form to the City Clerk to initiate the process.
  • Contract Administration: Providers and contractors that do business with the City must enter into a written contractual agreement. The form of the written agreement is provided by the City.
  • Insurance Verification: Providers and contractors must comply with specific insurance requirements as stipulated in the written agreement with the City. Insurance coverage must be verified by furnishing certificates of insurance and insurance endorsements on forms provided by the City or on equivalent forms.
Other Programs
  • Incident and Accident Evaluation: The City of Arcata employees report all incidents involving bodily injury or property damage on City premises or as a result of City activities. All incidents and accidents are investigated and evaluated.
  • Workplace Safety: The City of Arcata maintains an employee safety program that complies with Cal-OSHA requirements and promotes “safety first.” The City’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program and Code of Safe Work Practices provide key workplace safety policies, procedures and guidelines.