Neighborhood Conservation Area

A Neighborhood Conservation Area (NCA) is an area within the City designated by the General Plan to be historically noteworthy where review is conducted to assure that new construction, modifications or alterations of noteworthy structures, and significant changes to other structures are harmonious with the existing character of the neighborhood. The Central Arcata and Plaza Districts, Arcata Heights and Bayview areas are designated as NCAs to assure that changes are harmonious with the existing character of these neighborhoods. The application for the designation of a district, site, area, or structure may be initiated by the owner, Historical Sites Society Association (HSSA), Council, Planning Commission or Historic Design Review Commission (HDRC). If initiated by the HSSA or the City, the owner shall be notified and will be able to contest the process. There are also the Bayside and South of Samoa Specific Plans with properties of interest, but which have not been adopted as an NCA by the City Council. The maps of the NCA's are: