Valley West 

Community BBQ September 5th!

BBQ Valley West

For more information or to sign up call Kimberley at (707) 633-3867 or email

About Valley West

Valley West is a community of Arcata divided by Highway 101 and includes the west side of the freeway, the Lazy J Ranch Mobile Home park, the Chamber of Commerce, Toni's, the Bureau of Land Management as well as all of Giuntoli Lane all the way to Boyd road. Valley West is home to a shopping center, hotels, motels, and fast-food restaurants. It also is home to a large portion of Arcata's Latinx population and student residents. This part of the Arcata community is undergoing projects in order to revitalize connections to the main hub of Arcata as well as build upon the community connections already established.


Community United of North Arcata/Comunidad Unida del Notre de Arcata (CUNA) is a group created by Cooperation Humboldt for the Valley West community. Their purpose is to build collaboration and community engagement to "collectively work towards building a better represented Valley West."

Cooperation Humboldt and CUNA will continue to oversee and collaborate with community events in the Valley West community for the next three years. There are strides in establishing connections with service providers in the Humboldt County region to coincide with a planned resource center in the future such as collaborating with North Coast Children's Services and the OpenDoor clinics. 

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Community Events

Spring Events 2022

Here are all the events happening via CUNA and the City of Arcata in Valley West/North Arcata. You will find a newsletter outlining all the spring events to the right and below are links to signing up to participate in the events. If you need help with sign up or have questions please contact Kimberley White (707) 633-3867 (English) or Eibar Romero (707) 633-8802 (Español).

Aquí están todos los eventos que suceden a través de CUNA y la Ciudad de Arcata en Valley West/North Arcata. Encontrará un boletín que describe todos los eventos de primavera a la derecha y debajo hay enlaces para registrarse para participar en los eventos. Si necesita ayuda para registrarse o tiene preguntas, comuníquese con Kimberley White al (707) 633-8802 (inglés) o Eibar Romero (707) 633-3867 (inglés/español).

Tianguis/Latinx Flee market: Read more below and if you are a vendor or table or volunteer please Sign Up Here! Lea más aquí y si usted es un proveedor o un jugador de mesa y desea participar, ¡regístrese aquí! 

Dance Classes/Clases de baile: Read more here/Leer más aquí - Sign up here/Registrate aquí

Theatre Classes for kids/Clases de Teatro para nin@s: Read more here/Leer más aquí - Sign up here/Registrate aquí

Teen Meetups/Encuentros de adolescentes: Read more here/Leer más aquí - Sign up here/Registrate aquí

Mural Workshop/Taller de murales: Read more here/Leer más aquí - Sign up here/Registrate aquí

Tianguis (Latinx Style Flea Market)

Saturday, June 25, 2022 from 11:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Valley West’s Carlson Park at the Mad River Parkway off Giuntoli lane

CUNA in collaboration with the City of Arcata is hosting a Tianguis (Latinx Style Flea Market) Saturday, June 25th from 11-3pm at Valley West’s Carlson Park at the Mad River Parkway off Giuntoli lane. Artists, artisans, crafters, food vendors, individuals selling stuff come bring your wares to sell at our Tianguis! For more information to table or be a vendor call (707) 633-3867 or (707) 633-8802 (Español) or email


Neighborhood Cleanups

On July 9, 2021, CUNA adopted the entrance to Carlson Park as part of the City of Arcata's Adopt-A-Park program. This is the first step into making the park a more viable space for the community, setting the stage for beautification projects in the Valley West community. The space, in particular, is becoming a common space for community events such as monthly community clean-ups in Carlson Park. The Carlson Park clean-ups occur on the 2nd to last Sunday of the month from 11 am - 1 pm.

Carlson Park CU EngCarlson Park CU Esp

Visit CUNA's page on Cooperation Humboldt for more upcoming events in the Valley West and the surrounding area:

How to Get Involved

Please follow this link to our volunteer page call Kimberley at (707) 633-3867 or Eibar at (707) 633-8802 (Español) or email and probably the part following the how to get involve about the newsletter should say we now have a bilingual news letter both printed and digital (e-letter) and include the link one more time here as well! 

Volunteers can sign-up on the same day as the clean-up event. For more information on volunteering, visit Cooperation Humboldt's volunteer page: 

A bilingual newsletter, in English and Spanish, is being created as a localized outlet for the Valley West/North Arcata community to update residents on events, highlight businesses, keep residents apprised of the goings on and to bring the community together. We will send a link to an electronic version of our first newsletter as soon as it is ready.