Local Coastal Program Update

The Community Development Department is updating its 1989 Local Coastal Program. The Program regulates all development within the Coastal Zone which makes up about one-third of the City. The update includes potential changes to the downtown commercial district and some residential areas and considers issues such as agricultural resources, coastal access, industrial development, sea level rise and other coastal hazards, and wetlands and other environmentally sensitive areas. 

The Community Development Department held a series of public scoping sessions, providing an opportunity for the public to hear how the Program update is proceeding and, most importantly, to help the City’s staff and Planning Commission understand how proposed policies would affect the community and environment, helping shape Coastal Zone activities for the next 20 years.

Review the DRAFT Updated Local Coastal Element here.

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Sea Level Rise Reference Material

Sea Level Rise Information continues to be collected, while many jurisdictions are working together to determine options for meeting this challenge.  Following are some links on information to date.