Commercial Cannabis Activity Permit

Ready to Apply?  Application and Information

All Required Components of CCAP Application: this link provides the forms needed for a complete application.  It also provides information and forms for the Primary Permit Holder of a Shared-Use Facility.  Find all available cannabis activity permits here.

  • Construction.  If any construction is necessary (including certain equipment installation), make early contact with our Building Division to determine their requirements.  Call 707-822-5956.
  • LIVE SCANS can be obtained at any approved facility.  We do recommend obtaining scans at the Arcata Police Department so we can better track the scans.
  • Cannabis Activity Locations.  Cannabis manufacturing activities are allowed in a specific area in the City of Arcata.  Other areas allow retail sales activities. Find the Retail Sales and Services Map here.  Find the Commercial Cannabis Innovation Zone (manufacturing) map here.
  • How to Submit an Application.  Applications are accepted by email, mail, or in person.  Applications can be emailed to

Find all application fees here.

Need to Renew a Permit?

Use the CCAP Renewal Application form.  Find all application fees here.

Application + Renewal Fees Have Not Increased for the 2023-24 Fiscal year. 

PLEASE NOTE that we know many businesses are struggling, and we offer a staggered payment plan for the annual operating fee for renewals.  It can be paid over the course of a year.  Please let us know if you would like this option.

Need to Make Changes to Your CCAP?

Change in Permit Type
Change in Trade Name
Change of Contact Information
Change of Mailing Address
Change to Ownership or Management Structure
Modification to Facility or Equipment
Transfer of Ownership
Live Scan Form

Commercial Cannabis Retail Sales and Service

Cannabis Retail Sales & Service Zoning 07-06-2018 Opens in new window

Cannabis retail sales and service regulations went into effect on July 6, 2018 through Ordinance #1501.  The City is accepting applications for cannabis retail sales and services in the zoning areas shown below.  Click the image for a larger view.

Changes to CCAP Program 

On May 4, 2022 the Arcata City Council adopted a change to the number of retail permits that may be issued.  The limit was reduced from 15 to 10.  There were no other changes.  Read a copy of the revised regulations here.

Please note that the DCC has determined that a CEQA Project Description is required for all applications, not only cultivation activities.  A questionnaire is part of our City application as of 11-17-21.  If you recently submitted an application without this form, you may be asked to complete one.

Provisional CCAP

The City is accepting applications for Provisional CCAPs.  The purpose is to assist business owners in applying for State licensing.  This is a non-operational permit.  A business must complete the full CCAP application process to operate.

Provisional CCAP Checklist

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Track and Trace

The City of Arcata recognizes the importance of compliance with track and trace requirements, without causing unwarranted burdens to businesses that are CCAP holders. 

Below, you will find essential information about an interim process which will satisfy track and trace compliance.