Marsh Explorers Science Camps

Marsh Explorers Science Camp is a half-day camp in the afternoons. Campers investigate nature through experiments, outdoor adventures, individual projects and engaging, hands-on learning!  Campers should bring healthy snacks and water every day!
Ages: 5 - 8 years
Afternoon Camp: 1 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Extended Care 5:00-5:30pm
Weekly Fees: $120 / $132
Week 3: $96 / $108 non-residents
Location: Arcata Marsh Interpretive Center, 569 S. G St

Marsh Camp 2022
Dates and Themes

Week 1: June 20 – 24 Mustelidea-A-Day
Everything Otter! One of the most iconic species that live at the marsh, campers learn all about the lives and biology of these intelligent animals. 

Week 2: June 27 – July 1 Birds of a Feather Travel Together
Campers dive into the world of birds that make their homes at the Arcata Marsh. Learn about shorebirds, predatory raptors and many other species. 

Week 3: July 5 - July 8 (No Camp July 4) People, Land and Water: Together through Time
Campers explore the connection between humans and nature as they travel back in time to
learn the history of the Arcata Marsh. Discover how the Marsh existed in the past, how it functions
in the present and our hope for the future.

Week 4: July 11 – 15 How to be a Herpetologist
If reptiles and amphibians are your thing, then this is the camp for you! Campers learn about frogs, salamanders, turtles, snakes and many more slimy and scaly creatures.

Week 5: July 18 – 22 Circle of Life
Campers investigate the plants and animals that live at the Arcata Marsh and how these species are interconnected. We also explore the impacts of human interaction with the natural environment and learn principles of Leave No Trace. 

Week 6: July 25 – 29 The Situation with Adaptations
Campers learn about predator and prey relations at the marsh and how animals have adapted to capture prey or escape predators. 

Week 7: August 1 – 5 Wetlands, the Biome Arcata Marsh Calls Home
Campers are taught about the relationship between native and non-native species of both plants and animals and how an ecosystem responds in the face of invasion.

Week 8: August 8 – 12 Water World
Campers witness the scientific phenomena present in the Arcata Marsh waters. Discover the value that water has in balancing the ecosystem and understand the important role water has in our daily life. From the pond to the bay, there’s plenty for campers to learn. 

Week 9: August 15 – 19 Investigate Invertebrates of the Marsh
Campers get out your magnifying glasses and take a closer look at the local invertebrates. From insects to crustaceans we explore these marsh marvels. 

Camp Combo

Combine Mornings Only Redwood Day Camp or Skate Camp with Marsh Camp in the afternoon for a full day of fun!Sorry, transportation is not provided to/from the Arcata Skate Park.Camp Combo Weekly Fee: $170 resident / $194 non-resident

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Download Marsh Bingo (PDF) to play with your own family at the Marsh.