Summer Camp 2023
 Enrollment Opens at 9am on Wed., April  5th

Be prepared, camps will fill quickly!

 - If enrolling with the office, submit your forms before April 5th.

 - If enrolling online, confirm your user name and password before April 5th.

Please note: All online registrations must be paid in full. All those utilizing payment plans, YDF or Changing Tides must enroll with the office. Please see details below.
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Camp Fees: FULL DAY: $170 / HALF DAY: $120 
Camp Combo (Morning Camp + Afternoon Camp): $170 
Non Resident Fee of $12.50/Session 

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                                         Click on the chart below to enlarge or print 
2023 Summer Camp Chart
 Additional forms may be required if utilizing payments plans, YDF or 

Changing Tides, see details on each option below.
(Those enrolling online do not need to complete registration forms)

Payment Plan: (Not available with online enrollment.)
DOWNLOAD: Automatic Credit Card Billing Authorization Form.
• Prior to enrollment, along with a registration form, you must complete a credit card authorization form.
• Pay for each child's first week of camp in full and pay a non-refundable $30 deposit for each additional week  
camp per child.
The remaining balance, for each additional week must be received in full at least two weeks prior to the 
     start of that camp.
• Payment is due on Friday by 5:00 p.m., at least two weeks prior to the start of each camp in which the 
     child is enrolled.
• If payment is not made by that deadline, the full amount will be charged to the credit card on file. 

You are holding a valuable spot, please only enroll for weeks you plan to attend.

Youth Development Scholarship Fund: (Not available with online enrollment.)
DOWNLOAD: Youth Development Scholarship Fund Form.
• Prior to enrollment, along with a registration form, you must complete a scholarship form for each child.
• You must also submit proof of eligibility along with your completed form.
• Please reference the Income Eligibility Guidelines for Free/Reduced School Meals for your eligibility.
Changing Tides: (Not available with online enrollment.)

DOWNLOAD: Changing Tides Family Services Use Agreement Form.
• Prior to enrollment, along with a registration form, you must complete the use agreement form.
• Prior to enrollment, you must also have a current Child Care Certificate on file from Changing Tides.
• Call your case worker if you are unsure of your status.

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