Air Quality Element


The community values clean air. To promote clean air, the City, in partnership with State and Federal responsible agencies establishes goals and policies to retain and improve the region’s air quality. The City emphasizes land use practices, permitting, and programs that reduce introduction of airborne pollutants. While the Air Quality Element is a mandatory General Plan Element pursuant to state law, the City of Arcata is committed to maintaining the quality of life that we all benefit from by implementing proactive air quality policy and standards.

 Guiding Principles and Goals. 

A.   Reduce motor vehicle related air pollution.

B.   Participate in regional efforts to improve air quality.

C.   Educate the community about the effects of air pollution and how they can be reduced.

D.   Reduce emissions from wood-burning stoves and fireplaces.

E.   Reduce emissions from forest management and burning.

F.   Reduce emissions from industrial sources.

G.   Reduce emissions from residential open waste burning.

Planning Commission December 12 2023 Recommendation:

Air Quality Element (clean)


View the July 11 2023 Air Quality Element (clean) here.

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