Public Safety Element


This Element is intended to facilitate safety from hazards, achieve racial and social equity, and enhance community preparedness and resilience. Risks can be reduced by considering hazards, and the potential influence of future climate change on those hazards, in land use and development decisions, and by implementing policies and programs to reduce losses to life and property. Effective land use planning, site design, and construction decisions can significantly reduce potential hazard levels and can also facilitate recovery after a disaster.

Guiding Principles and Goals.

  1.    Establish and maintain emergency response capabilities and services at both the City and neighborhood levels.
  2.    Promote seismic safety by restricting development in high risk areas, and strengthening buildings and infrastructure to withstand seismic events.
  3.    Recognize that certain slopes and soils lack stability and are best left undisturbed.
  4.    Establish and maintain sufficiently sized flood areas along Arcata’s watercourses, to accommodate flood flows without damaging property or injuring residents.
  5.    Reduce fire hazards through prevention and suppression.
  6.    Protect residents and the natural environment from exposure to hazardous materials and substances.
  7.    Promote a sense of security and safety by maintaining and supporting police services.
  8.    Promote social services and programs that improve the physical and mental wellbeing of community residents.
  9.     Continue participating in the Humboldt-Del Norte Hazardous Materials Response Joint Powers Authority and promote hazardous materials reductions and safe handling.
  10.    Promote measures that address climate change impacts on the natural and built environment through protection, adaptation, accommodation, and resiliency. 

Available Documents

Planning Commission Reccommendation July 11, 2023:
Public Safety Element (clean)
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Download version HERE.
Planning Commission Reccommendation July 11, 2023:
Public Safety Element (tracked changes)
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