Circulation and Mobility Element


The overall theme of the General Plan Circulation Element is achieving a balanced transportation system. The following is based on the recent modeling conducted and other information collected to inform the Circulation Element update.

Circulation and Mobility Element Guiding Principles and Goals.

    1.          Provide a connected multimodal transportation and mobility system that contributes directly to the safety, health, economic vitality, and quality of life of all people in Arcata. 
    2.          Create a transportation system that incentivizes a choice of travel modes and is safe, accessible, comfortable, accommodating, and welcoming to all users. Put safety first in all mobility planning, policies, and projects. 
    3.          Provide for increased use of active and shared transportation modes as alternatives to the single-occupant vehicle, including walking, rolling, bicycling, public transit, carpooling/vanpooling, and ridesharing.
    4.       Prioritize investment and transportation planning which shifts the City's transportation system from being car-centric to one in which transit and active transportation are competitive or superior to single-occupancy vehicles in terms of convenience, perceived and actual safety, and accessibility for all residents.
    5.          Manage the street and highway system to promote more efficient use of existing facilities rather than increase the number of travel lanes or make other capacity enhancements. 
    6.          Create a multimodal transportation system for people of all mobility levels that will improve the livability of residential neighborhoods, including use of methods to calm or slow traffic and reduce through-traffic on local neighborhood streets. 
    7.          Educate residents, employees, and students about the importance of using alternative forms of transportation and mobility instead of the single-occupant automobile.
    8.          Promote land use patterns that encourage walking, rolling, bicycling, and public transit use.
    9.           Establish a set of fee-based parking prices that are high enough to drive more active and shared transportation.
    10.           The City recognizes that safe mobility is a right of all people in Arcata.

The Council directed the elimination of the K/L Couplet during its September 26, 2023, Study Session. The Circulation and Mobility Element edits to reflect this decision are pending and will be reflected in the next version of the Element. 

Planning Commission December 12 2023 Recommendation:

Circulation and Mobility Element (clean)


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