Arcata Gateway Area Plan

Draft Gateway Form-Based Code

The Draft Gateway Form-Based Code (version 1) can be viewed here.

The Draft Gateway Form-Based Code (version 2) can be viewed here.

The City of Arcata has released its third draft of the Gateway Area Plan, which was based on the Planning Commission’s July 11, 2023, recommendation!  View the updated Gateway Plan here.

This updated Plan incorporated recommended modifications from a variety of City committees, the Planning Commission, and public comment submitted since the release of the draft document in December 2021.

This version is now the basis of the City Council’s review. The Council will have two study sessions on the Gateway Plan and the Gateway Code on August 22 and September 26, 2023. The conclusion of these conversations and resulting direction from decision makers will produce in a subsequent revised draft, so please stay tuned and stay engaged as we continue to work through modifications to the document!

  • View our FAQ sheet here.
  • View the first draft (Dec 21) Gateway Area Plan here.
  • View the second draft (Oct 22) Gateway Area Plan here.
  • View the (July 11) Gateway Area Plan with track changes here.

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Gateway Area Plan Proposed Circulation Network Changes and Evaluated Alternatives

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You can also review the full plan in this 60-minute in-depth informational video below, which can also be viewed on our YouTube Channel here.