Arcata Gateway Area Plan

Key to the effectiveness of the Strategic Infill Redevelopment Program is the "Arcata Gateway Plan", a specific rezoning and re-imagining of 138 acres directly west of Arcata's core downtown Plaza area.

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  • View the draft Gateway Area Plan here.
  • Our first public meeting on the Gateway Plan draft was held December 9th, 2021. Click here for the recording.

The Gateway Plan encompasses a 138-acre area of land that was once used mostly for industrial purposes. Some of this land has already been redeveloped or adaptively reused, others retain huge potential for investment and redevelopment. This area is located within 1/10 of a mile of downtown Arcata, so the Gateway Plan area holds huge potential for redevelopment.

Current planning regulations prevent large-scale residential development, so the Gateway Plan will establish streamlined permitting for projects in the urban core and strengthen policy, programs, and organizational capacity to protect working forests, agricultural lands, open space, and natural resource lands surrounding the City.

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You can also review the full plan in this 60-minute in-depth informational video below, which can also be viewed on our YouTube Channel here.

Explore the Gateway boundary on the City's public parcel finder by turning on the Arcata Gateway layer (GIS layers>Land Use-General Plan>Arcata Gateway Area).