Meeting in a Box


 What should Arcata be like in the future? How do we prepare for  and adapt to changes in our community? Meeting-in-a-Box is a community engagement method designed for use by community groups, neighborhood associations, or friends to gather at a convenient time and location to share their ideas and proposals for the future of the city. This Meeting-in-a-Box approach is inspired by the City of Sacramento, as part of their Sacramento 2040 General Plan Update process. City of Arcata staff have chosen to replicate this structure in order to allow us to “meet people where they are at” during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We believe that discussions related to the future of Arcata should not be limited to those organized by City staff but instead should happen wherever and whenever it is convenient and meaningful for a group of interested people to get together and talk. The following is the Meeting-in-a-Box kit which contains tools to hold your own discussion. Meeting-in-a-Box can be downloaded from the project website, activated at your own meeting, and the results of your discussion can be returned to the City as indicated below. 

Start by reviewing the materials stored here

Meeting-in-a-Box Materials