Stacy Atkins-Salazar

"I chose to run for the Arcata City Council to help bring our community together to address the many social, economic and environmental issues we are facing.

My goals as a Council Member are to listen to the needs of our local business owners to help find ways to boost and sustain our economy; to find creative solutions for our housing crisis; to work with our law enforcement professionals to improve the ways in which we support and protect our population; to continue to build upon Arcata's environmental success; and to ensure that everyone in our community is treated with respect.

The combined experiences of my education (MA in Psychology from HSU), 20 years of owning an Arcata business, 7 years of serving on the Arcata City School’s Board of Directors, and a leadership style focusing on listening and problem solving, will help me bring our community together to find common ground and solve the issues we are facing.

Achieving these ambitious goals as individuals would be impossible, but uniting as a community and building on our common ground, we can succeed. Together we can create a thriving and strong Arcata."

Arcata City Council Service

  • Elected: 2020
  • Sworn In to Office: December 2020
  • Mayor: 2021 and 2022

Current City & Regional Committee Assignments

  • City Council Representative to the Humboldt County Association of Governments
  • City Council Liaison to Arcata Main Street

Previous City & Regional Committee Assignments

  • City Council Representative to the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Collaborative