If you walk in the Community Forest to unwind...if your children are enriched by Arcata summer camps...if the Marsh's otters, raptors and egrets give you pleasure...then consider making a tax deductible financial gift to help preserve these places and programs.

The City of Arcata encourages public support for its many community projects and services. Opportunities for giving are plentiful.

Art Trust Fund

The City of Arcata Recreation Division's Art Trust Fund supports the Youth Development Scholarship Fund for the Arts. This scholarship fund provides fee reductions to youth from low-income families for after school and summer art programs. Arcata Recreation is committed to providing all youth of qualifying families with a 30 percent fee reduction for recreation programs offered throughout the year. Thanks to your generous donations, Arcata's recreation programs including everything from family ceramics to dance classes are available to all the youth of our community.

Donate to the Art Trust Fund

Arcata Ballpark Crowds at a Humboldt Crabs Game

Arcata Ballpark Fund

The Arcata Ballpark is home to America's oldest, continuously-operated, summer collegiate, wood-bat, baseball team in the country, the Humboldt Crabs. Donations to the Arcata Ballpark Fund will help renovate this beloved community ballpark with a new entryway, seating areas, concessions and restrooms. 

Donate to the Arcata Ballpark Fund

Donate to the Bayside Park Farm and Community Garden

Bayside Park Farm & Community Garden Fund

Bayside Park Farm is a three-acre vegetable farm located in the City's Bayside Park on Old Arcata Road. Since 1933, the farm has provided a place for fledgling farmers to develop practical organic and sustainable agriculture skills while bringing quality produce to local residents through a model of Community Supported Agriculture. Many of these student farmers have gone on to become notable farmers within the community. A Community garden is located adjacent to the farm where families can grow their own organic fruits, vegetables and flowers. Donations to the Bayside Park Farm and Community Garden Fund help provided needed farm equipment, seeds, fruit trees and                                                                                              green infrastructure upgrades.

                                                                                   Donate to the Bayside Park Farm & Community Garden Fund

Arcata Forest Fund

Private donations from the Arcata Forest Fund assist the City of Arcata in purchasing lands to be added to the Arcata Community, Sunny Brae and Jacoby Creek Forests. Donations to this fund are used for the purchase and restoration of forest lands and building trails. This fund helps the City leverage State and Federal grants. Forest lands purchased through these funds preserve and expand open space around the City, and will be managed for recreation, watershed and habitat protection, carbon sequestration and sustainable forestry use.

Donate to the Arcata Forest Fund

Arcata Marsh Community Fund

The Arcata Marsh Community Fund provides a source for community donations to assist the City of Arcata in the preservation, restoration, wildlife conservation, expansion, public access and trail-maintenance of the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary. The Fund will serve to protect the natural beauty, habitats, walking trails and environmental health of the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary for the enjoyment of all creatures, great and small. Funded projects may include but are not limited to: wetlands and riparian habitat restoration, trail maintenance, land purchase for marsh and trail expansion, climate change adaptation and other projects which promote and protect the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Donate to the Arcata Marsh Community Fund

Arcata Police Department K-9 Baron

Arcata Police Department K-9 Fund

The Arcata Police Department’s K-9 Unit has played a vital role in tracking and apprehending criminals, including violent offenders, since the 1970s. K-9s can search buildings and residences when alarms are triggered or when doors or windows are discovered unsecured. The dogs help save lives, boost crime prevention efforts and strengthen the relationship between the police department and the community. Generous donations from residents and local businesses to the K-9 Fund help purchase K-9 bullet and stab-proof vests, kennels, training, and to offset the cost of the K-9 purchase.

To donate to the Arcata Police Department K-9 Fund please contact the Arcata Police Department.

police volunteer

Arcata Police Department Volunteer Fund

Arcata Police Department volunteers assist this very busy department with uniformed neighborhood patrols, vacation house checks, clerical work, special event patrols, graffiti abatement, and are part of the emergency command vehicle team. APD volunteers make it possible for officers to turn their attention to current investigations and emergency response. The Volunteer Fund helps pay for volunteer uniforms, radios, volunteer vehicle maintenance and miscellaneous equipment.

To donate to the Arcata Police Department Volunteer Fund please contact the Arcata Police Department.

Arcata Skate Park Fund

The Arcata Skate Park on Sunset Avenue opened in 1997 and has provided a safe space for a generation of kids to skateboard. The park's classic sports ramps, bowls, snake run and pyramid were constructed with funds and supplies donated by local residents and businesses with City Redevelopment Agency Funds. Since 2011, this popular, well-used park has been home to summer campers, boys and girls, honing their street and vert riding styles. Donations to the Arcata Skate Park Fund go toward park maintenance and future park improvements.

Donate to the Arcata Skate Park Fund

Humboldt Bay Trail Fund

Humboldt Bay Trail Fund

This fund supports the maintenance and development of the Humboldt Bay Trail. Donations to the fund can be earmarked endowed or expendable. Please use the Additional Comments/Requests section if you wish to specify how your contribution is designated. If no designation is specified, the donation will be split 50% endowed and 50% expendable. The Humboldt Bay Trail is a multipurpose trail around the bay for walking, running, biking, and wheeling. The trail will be constructed in phases with initial projects focused on a continuous trail between central Arcata and southwest Eureka serving as an anchor for a network of adjacent trails that connect surrounding communities. The fund supports trail related needs including: 1.) maintenance and rehabilitation, with an emphasis on projects involving community volunteers, 2.) emergency repair projects, 3.) trail amenities, and 4.) cost-share to state or federal grant funds for project development. The fund is governed by the Humboldt Bay Trail Committee, composed of four community members at large (including one member from the Humboldt Bay Trails Council), and three public agency representatives from the city of Arcata, city of Eureka, and the Humboldt County Public Works Department. For more information about the trail, visit:

Donate to the Humboldt Bay Trail Fund

Youth Development Scholarship Fund

Recreation programs provide a safe place for youths during vulnerable summer, after-school, weekend and evening hours and provide a stable environment for them to find the guidance they need to successfully handle their life circumstances. During 2019, the Arcata Recreation Youth Development Scholarship Fund provided 325 scholarships totaling $8,334 in assistance for youth from low-income families to participate in classes, programs and camps. 

Donate to the Arcata Recreation Youth Development Scholarship Fund

If you would like to make a tax deductible contribution to another City program or project, contact the City Manager's office at 707-822-5953. Donations can also be made directly to the Humboldt Area Foundation, 363 Indianola Road, Bayside, CA, 95524. 

Thank you for preserving what makes Arcata home.