Resources for Residents

Reduce & Reuse First


Preventing waste, or source reduction, is the first step towards a waste-conscious lifestyle. Waste prevention means taking advantage of reuse, donation and other reduction opportunities to get the most environmental and economic benefits possible. The first step to achieving zero waste is to look at your current consumption habits and reduce them as much as possible. By purchasing only what you need, you are able to eliminate unnecessary waste from being generated.


After you eliminate or reduce purchasing and acquiring unnecessary “stuff," the next step is to reuse as many items as possible. Switching to reusables instead of single-use not only benefits the environment, but also your wallet! If you look around, there are many single-use items you use every day that can be replaced with reusables. Some common everyday items that you can replace with reusables include water bottles, mugs, utensils and bags. It may also help to start your own “zero waste kit”, and get in the habit of keeping it with you.

1. Reusable bag

4. Reusable water bottle

7. Reusable produce bag

2. Reusable napkin

5. Reusable coffee tumbler, bottle, mug

8. Reusable utensils

3. Beeswax wrap

6. Mason Jar

9. Reusable straw

ZW Kit

Local Donation Resources

If you no longer want/need something, the best thing you can do is to donate it. This ensures that your unwanted item does not end up in the landfill, and the person on the receiving end will save money and resources by not buying it new. There are many local stores that will accept gently used items that are in good condition. 

Do not leave “free boxes” at the curb. Items left outside become garbage, costing the City and therefore you, thousands of dollars annually. If thrift stores won’t take your items, make sure to take it to the appropriate disposal site.

Please note: Local secondhand stores have begun to reopen after being temporarily closed due to Covid-19. Secondhand stores must now adhere to CDC guidelines and may have adjusted their donation protocols. We will continue to update the list below as we learn more. As always, please make sure all items are clean, dry, and in good working condition before donating, and please call or check ahead to confirm hours of operation and what items can be accepted. 




Business Hours

Donation Information

YouthAbility Thrift Shop (Angels of Hope) 

1309 10th St.
Arcata, CA

(707) 822-5019

Mon/Sun: 11am-6pm

Tues-Sat: 10am-6pm

Donations accepted:

Wed-Fri: 11am-4pm

Sat: 11am-2pm

We love men's/women's/kid's clothing, clean blankets and linens, kitchen items, small household electronics, knick-knacks, jewelry, shoes, accessories, art, pet supplies, records, tapes, DVDs, books, and FURNITURE!!!

"All clothing and household items must be washed or wiped down before drop-off to help keep our staff and trainees safe. Clothing Must be laundered within 48 hrs of donation. We can not accept anything that is - broken, missing parts or pieces, moldy, dirty, animal or smoke damaged. Things not accepted include but not limited to: mattresses and box springs, large appliances, box televisions, or monitors, car seats, helmets, printers, fax machines. If you have a question about an item feel free to give us a call. We ask that donors wait while a staff  member sorts out donations."

**FREE FURNITURE PICKUP from Arcata, Eureka, or Mckinleyville

Arcata Presbyterian Church

11th & G St.
Arcata, CA

(707) 822-1321

Tues & Thurs 12:30-4:30

Donations during business hours 

Clothing Dock

1109 11th St.
Arcata, CA

(707) 822-8288

Wed-Sat: 11-4

Donations during business hours

No children's clothes  

Discovery Shop (Benefits American Cancer Society)

2942 F St. Eureka, CA

(707) 443-2155

Sun: Closed

Mon-Sat: 10am-5pm

Donations accepted Mon, Wed, Fri from 11 am - 4 pm. 

Separate donations into bags/boxes by categories. For example: accessories, toys, shoes, books, etc. 

Working electronics accepted.

No car seats, mattresses, pillows, or medical equipment.

Furniture pick-up offered for $10-$20 fee, depending on location.

Food for People

307 W. 14th St.
Eureka, CA

(707) 445-3166

Hours dependent on food pantry location. 

Donations can be dropped off in Eureka at 716 West Cedar St. Mon-Fri 9am-4pm

Accepts sealed, non-perishable food.

Most Needed Food Items:

  • Canned fruits & vegetable
  • Soups & stews
  • Nut Butters
  • Canned fish/meats
  • EXTRA: Can openers for those without

*Please no homemade foods or glass

For questions or inquiries please contact Local Food Resources Coordinator Allison Kenney at (707)445-3166 ext. 312 or

Check the food pantry you would like to donate to for specific hours and information. 

Eco-Groovy Deals813 H St, Arcata, CA (707) 822-3015Sun-Fri: 11am-6pm
Sat: 10am-6pm
Furniture donations will be accepted by appointment only. Call or text 707-834-7220 to make an appointment.

Humboldt Furniture

1085 K St.
Arcata, CA

(707) 825-1004

Sun-Tues: Closed

Wed-Sat: 11am-4pm

Buys gently used furniture & housewares.

Email photos of what you would like to sell to and include a description and dimensions of your items. 

Call for additional information or to schedule appointments. 

Hospice Shop

575 H St.
Arcata, CA

(707) 826-2545

Mon-Fri: 10am-5pm

Sat: 10am-4pm

Sun: Closed

Donations accepted Mon - Thurs from 12 pm - 2pm. 

Reusable Office Supply Exchange (ROSE)

Warren House 53 (HSU)
Arcata, CA

(707) 826-4162

Spring 2021 hours:

Mon, Wed, Fri: 10am-12pm or by appointment. 

HSU students only.

School/office supplies accepted.

Rescue Mission Thrift Store

1030 Broadway
Eureka, CA

(707) 443-2523

Tues-Sat: 10-5:30

Sun/Mon: Closed

Donations accepted Tues - Sat from 10am - 4:45pm. 

Take donations to the bay door in the alley during donation hours.

Curbside "pick-up" services are offered. Please call for more information. 

Tin Can Mailman

1000 H St.
Arcata, CA

(707) 822-1307

Mon-Thurs: 10-6

Fri/Sat: 10-7

Sun: 12-6

Buys books for cash or store credit. Books will be inspected. Call for details. 

Purchasing by appointment only

Accepting boxes or bags the size of a filing box or smaller

The Works

434 2nd St Eureka, CA

(707) 442-8121

Mon-Sat: 11am-6pm

Vinyl records, CDs and DVDs.

Donations accepted with approval, best around midday. 

Buy & trade option available.

BrainWash Thrift40 Sunnybrae Center
Arcata, CA 
N/AWed & Thurs: 12-6pm

Fri & Sat: 11am-7pm

Sun-Tues: Closed
Donations accepted during open hours. Adults clothes only with no stains or tears. No undergarments accepted. 

Online store: Shop Brainwash – Brainwash Thrift