Environmental Services


736 F Street
Arcata, CA 95521



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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Sinkhorn, Emily Director of Environmental Services 707-822-8184  
Kang, Brian GIS Coordinator 707-822-8184  
Waters, Bella Administrative Specialist 707-822-8184  

Community Services 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Benvie, Emily Deputy Director - Community Services 707-822-8184  
Vacant, Position Environmental Programs Manager      
Avila, Art Senior Maintenance Worker - Parks      
Barker, Cole Maintenance Worker - Natural Resources      
Caraves, Azael Maintenance Worker - Parks      
Crandell, Wesley Maintenance Crew Leader - Parks/Facilities      
Damonte, Darius Maintenance Crew Leader - Natural Resources      
Matty, Eric Maintenance Worker - Parks      
McDowall, Michael Natural Resources Technician    
Nogueira, Javier Construction Specialist - Parks/Facilities      
Plocher, Russell Maintenance Worker - Parks      
Rice, Mike Parks, Facilities and Natural Resources Supervisor 707-825-2202  
Rist, Tom Senior Maintenance Worker - Facilities      
Russo, Oded Senior Maintenance Worker - Parks/Facilities      
Stairs, Greg Maintenance Worker - Facilities      

Recreation Division 

736 F Street
Arcata, CA 95521



Link: Recreation Division

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Benvie, Emily Deputy Director - Community Services 707-822-8184  
Position, Vacant Recreation Administrative Assistant 707-822-7091  
Groom, Cullen Recreation Supervisor 707-825-2202  
Schmidt, Heather Recreation Supervisor 707-825-2201  
Stevens, Heather Leigh Recreation Supervisor 707-825-2150  

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Clinton, Mike Deputy Director - Streets-Utilities 707-825-2166  
Anderson, Robert Water/Wastewater Plant Operator I      
Baggett, Connor Water Meter Technician      
Bubenik, Corbyn Senior Maintenance Worker - Streets/Utilities      
Carr, Brian Water/Wastewater Mechanic I   707-825-2157  
Couch, Dave Plant Operations Supervisor 707-825-2157  
Crandall, Chad Senior Maintenance Worker - Streets/Utilities      
Euan-Estrada, Jose Collection System Operator II      
Greene, Drew Maintenance Crew Leader - Utilities      
Grossman, Mark Senior Construction Specialist      
Gunn, Matt Equipment Operator - Utilities      
Hassler, Jed Maintenance Worker - Streets/Utilities      
Hemmingsen, Brian Traffic Control Technician      
Hernandez, Rachel Environmental Compliance Officer 707-825-2148  
Lackey, Scott Streets/Fleet Supervisor   707-825-2180  
Magnuson, Seth Utilities Supervisor    
Meadows, Chad Water/Wastewater Plant Operator II   707-825-2157  
Morais, Steven Equipment Operator - Streets      
Purcell, Nick Lead Mechanic      
Reed, Lori Administrative Assistant - Streets/Utilities 707-825-2129  
Schneider, Ryan Water/Wastewater Plant Operator I   707-825-2157  
Scott, Chad Water/Wastewater Plant Operator II   707-825-2157  
Shelton, John Lead Water/Wastewater Mechanic   707-825-2157  
Sinnot, Scott Environmental Compliance Technician 707-822-2140  
Smith, Kevin SCADA Systems Manager 707-825-2212  
Watkins, Tracy Administrative Assistant - Utilities (Part-time) 707-825-2167  
Wissing, Christopher Mechanic      
Yarbrough, Ted Lead Collection Systems Operator