Boards & Task Forces

The City Council appoints more than 90 community members to the various committees, commissions, boards and task forces.

For information on upcoming 2021 vacancies on City committees, commissions, boards and task forces, please view the document below:

A staff liaison is appointed by the City Manager to assist each of the bodies in carrying out their roles and to ensure compliance with protocol as defined by the following:

Relationship to City Council

The City Council provides boards and task forces with general policy direction, while at the same time allowing them the freedom to investigate. The City Council also has the ability to remove any appointee at any time by a majority vote of the Council.

Terms of Office

The term of office for members of a board is 4 years. Task force members' terms are set by the City Council.

Removal from Office

The City Council may remove members by a majority vote. In addition, the Arcata Municipal Code requires automatic removal of board members upon notification of the Council of 2 absences within a calendar year.

Selection of Chair & Vice-Chair

Selection of Chair and Vice-Chair for board members is determined every 4 years by task force members, by an election at the 1st meeting.