Is this a ban on single-use products at food establishments?

No it is not a ban. The City of Arcata implemented the Single Use Disposable Foodware Ordinance as a way to reduce the use of single-use plastic foodware that contribute to street litter, marine pollution, harm to wildlife, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste sent to landfills.

Single-use foodware used for food must be fiber-based compostable or 100% aluminum and will result in a $0.25 charge per order. Only one charge can be applied per order and must appear as its own line item on the receipt. All disposable foodware charges are kept by the food-service establishment to help offset costs of buying fiber-based compostable foodware.

Accessory foodware (straws, stirrers, napkins, single-use utensils, condiment cups and packets, cup sleeves, tops, lids, spill plugs, etc.) must also be fiber-based compostable AND must only be provided upon request by the customer or at self-serve stations. Customers must request accessory foodware items separate from food orders and beverages no matter where or how they order (in-person, phone, app, web browser).

  • Cups for delivery by the food vender may include tops, spill plugs, and sleeves without request
  • Food vendors are encouraged to use condiment dispensers rather than pre-packaged condiment packets.

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