Do I need to have a reservation to use a city park?
Not necessarily. Most city parks are open to the general public for use, however, if you would like to reserve a location we offer facility rentals for birthday parties and events. Available facilities include Larson Park Gazebo and/or Bocce Courts and the picnic area in Redwood Park.

The following conditions will require a reservation or permit:
1. Non-spontaneous large-group activities consisting of 50 or more persons
2. The charging of an admission or entrance fee
3. The use of City facilities not ordinarily available for public use
4. Regularly occurring organized team or league use of City sports fields or courts
5. The sale of merchandise, food or beverages
6. The setting up of booths, stages, vending carts or stands, kiosks, bleachers or similar structures
7. The barricading of any City street or other street use that would impede the normal flow of traffic
8. Amplified music or sound
9. The need for access to City electricity
10. The need for garbage collection specific to the activity or event
11. The staging or shooting of commercial, motion or television pictures, or still photography, exempting local businesses and tourism productions, as further defined by the City Council, when such activities do not otherwise require a City permit.

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