Valley West Improvements

About Valley West

Valley West is a community of Arcata divided by Highway 101. On Guintolli Lane, the community is home to a shopping center, hotels, and motels, and fast-food restaurants. It also is home to a large portion of Arcata's Latinx population and student residents. This part of the Arcata community is undergoing projects in order to revitalize connections to the main hub of Arcata as well as build upon the community connections already established.


Community United of North Arcata/Communidad Unida del Notre de Arcata (CUNA) is a group created by Cooperation Humboldt for the Valley West community. Their mission is to build collaboration and community engagement to "collectively work towards building a better represented Valley West."

Cooperation Humboldt and CUNA will continue to oversee and collaborate with community events in the Valley West community for the next three years. There are strides in establishing connections with service providers in the Humboldt County region to coincide with a planned resource center in the future such as collaborating with North Coast Children's Services and the OpenDoor clinics.

Community Events

On July 9, 2021, CUNA adopted the entrance to Carlson Park as part of the City of Arcata's Adopt-A-Park program. This is the first step into making the park a more viable space for the community, setting the stage for beautification projects in the Valley West community. The space, in particular, is becoming a common space for community events such as monthly community clean-ups in Carlson Park.

Alongside the aforementioned clean-ups is the monthly Clean the Sidewalk Day in the community, which is held on the first Sunday of the month from 9 to 11 am. These events bring the community members from Valley West and outside of the community to come together to collaborate. These clean-ups, both on the sidewalk and in Carlson Park, will continue to be monthly.

Visit CUNA's page on Cooperation Humboldt for more upcoming events in the Valley West and the surrounding area:

How to Get Involved

Volunteers can sign-up on the same day as the clean-up event. For more information on volunteering, visit Cooperation Humboldt's volunteer page:

A newsletter is being created in order to fill those the residents of the city on the ongoings of the Valley West area. The newsletter  will be bilingual in English and Spanish showing upcoming events as well as the local businesses in the area. The focus of the newsletter is to help inform while becoming a localized outlet for Latinx community members and Latinx-business owners in the area.

For volunteer events or other CUNA related questions, email Oscar Mogollon: