2022 City Council Election Process


On Tuesday, June 7, registered Arcata voters will elect a replacement for Emily Goldstein, who stepped down from her seat on the Council. The new Council member will serve out the remainder of her term of office, through November of 2024.

City Council Duties

The City Council adopts laws and sets policies to guide the City Manager and City staff in City operations. City Council members attend two regular meetings on the first and third Wednesday of each month in addition to other special meetings and study sessions, and various other monthly meetings of various regional partners.

2022 City Council Candidates

Notice of Nominees

How the names appear on the ballot is decided by a randomized alphabet drawing conducted at the office of the California Secretary of State in Sacramento. The drawing was completed on March 17, 2022. The following list of candidates, certified to be nominees for the Arcata City Council, are shown in the order they will appear on the general municipal election ballot in June.

CandidatesCandidate Statements
Alexandra StillmanStillman Candidate Statement
Humnath PantaPanta Candidate Statement
Edith RosenRosen Candidate Statement
Dana QuillmanQuillman Candidate Statement
Kimberley WhiteWhite Candidate Statement
Chase MarcumNo candidate statement provided for the Voter Information Guide. 



Please email bdory@cityofarcata.org or call 707-822-5953 with questions regarding the election process.