Measure B

Measure B: Gives Voters the Ability to Increase the City's Limit on Affordable Housing

What is Measure B?

Arcata voters will see Measure B on their ballot for the General Election scheduled on Tuesday, November 3. Measure B would allow the City to increase the affordable housing cap in Arcata to 7.5%.

A YES vote on this measure has no financial impact to voters, and it does not grant approval for any specific affordable housing project. If approved, this measure would rescind and replace Measure I, which authorized Arcata's current affordable housing limit of 5% in 1992. Argument in Favor of Measure B

A NO vote on this measure will not increase Arcata's affordable housing cap to 7.5%, and the City's affordable housing cap will stand at 5%.

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Why Must Affordable Housing Limits be Decided by Voters?

Article 34 is a part of the California Constitution that prevents government-funded affordable housing from being built unless voters approve it.

Generally, voters approve a total number of affordable housing units allowed within a City or jurisdiction instead of voting on each housing project.

Once the total number of affordable housing units approved by the voters is reached, no additional government subsidized housing units may be built. 

What is the City of Arcata's Current Affordable Housing Limit?

The City of Arcata has an approved a limit of 250 affordable units, or 5% of the total housing in Arcata. 

This limit was approved in 1992. The City and its partners have been proactive in meeting the affordable housing needs of the community by producing 382 units of affordable housing, which currently makes up nearly 4.75% of Arcata’s total housing stock. 

As it stands, the voter-approved affordable housing limitation will allow only 19 more units of affordable housing to be built in Arcata.

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What Happens if Measure B is Approved?

If Measure B is approved, the affordable housing limitation will be raised to allow 7.5% of the total housing stock in Arcata. This would allow more than 220 new units of affordable housing to be built over the next 30 years.

What Happens if Measure B is Not Approved?

If Measure B does not pass, production of government assisted housing affordable to low-income residents in Arcata will stop after the next 19 units are built. In addition, the City of Arcata would not be in compliance with California State affordable housing laws, which would prevent the City from applying for several state-funded grants.

Does Humboldt County's Article 34 Measure include the City of Arcata?

No. The County’s measure only applies to the unincorporated areas of Humboldt County. The City of Arcata is subject only to limits set by voters who reside in Arcata.

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