Lower Twin Parks

Description of Project

Status: Approved and Under Construction

Proposed 40-unit multi-family development on the southeast corner of Foster Avenue and Alliance Road. The project will take place on an ±1.70 acre parcel currently developed with an ±3,400 sf wood industrial storage structure formally associated with the lumber mill that once operated onsite. This project includes the demolition of this structure. The proposed units will be a mix of 2-story, 1-bedroom and studio apartments. The site will accommodate bicycle and motorcycle storage as well as ±1.25 acres of open space including natural areas, a wetland mitigation area, bioswales, landscaped areas and formal recreation facilities.

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File No. 145-074
Date of Hearing Agenda Staff Report
July 23, 2015 Zoning Administrator Public Hearing Staff Report
July 22, 2015 Arcata Historic & Design Review Commission Public Hearing Staff Report