Sorrel Place (fka Isackson's Affordable Housing Project)

Description of Project

Status: Approved

The proposed project is for the development of an infill affordable housing complex located on a portion of the block contained by 6th and 7th Streets and I and J Streets, a large commercial lot near Arcata’s downtown area. The project proposes to subdivide the property in to two separate parcels. The existing commercial uses on proposed Lot 1 will remain while Lot 2 will be developed with a four-story building (~45 feet) that will contain 43 income restricted residential units and a manager’s unit. New utilities, sidewalks, driveway access, landscaping, playground, parking, and private and public open space areas are proposed to be developed on site.

Isackson’s Affordable Housing: View from NE Opens in new windowIsackson’s Affordable Housing: North Elevation Opens in new window

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