Creek Side Homes

Creek Side Homes is a Danco Communities development of 32 single-family residences, a 100-unit senior assisted living and memory care facility, and 25 senior-restricted neighborhood cottage units; collectively referred to as the Creek Side Homes project.  The project will provide housing for 269 residents.

The project involves incorporating new land into the City from the County and extending services to newly created parcels, and includes extension of Foster Avenue, modifications to the Janes Creek crossing at Foster Ave., a number of trail and alternative transportation improvements, including improvements to Ennes Park to install emergency ingress to the project..  The site is located at Foster and Q Street, on the north side of the large vacant lot.  It is inside the City’s anticipated annexation area and was previously analyzed as a likely annexation in the General Plan in 2000.

The Environmental Impact Report includes analysis of the project, mitigations, and a mitigation and monitoring plan.

Current Status:  A public hearing to recommend the project to the City Council was held at the Planning Commission meeting of May 28, 2019.  The hearing was continued to July 9, 2019, at which time the Draft Environmental Impact Report is expected to be complete. The regularly scheduled meeting in July will be held at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers.

Available Documents:  

Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR)
Appendix A. Notice of Preparation (City of Arcata, Feb. 2016)Appendix P.  Additional Site Investigation Report (FES, Feb. 2008)
Appendix B. Scoping Meeting Memorandum (City of Arcata, March 2016)Appendix Q.  Dioxin Assessment Report (FES, Aug. 2008)
Appendix C.  [Confidential]Appendix R.  Excavation and Disposal of Dioxin-Containing Soils Report (FES, Oct. 2008)
Appendix D.  [Confidential]Appendix S.  Water and Wastewater Impact of Sunset Area Housing Projects Memorandum (City of Arcata, 2017)
Appendix E. CalEEMod Air Emission Model Results (SHN, Nov. 26, 2018)Appendix T.1  Central Arcata Areawide Traffic Study (W-Trans, 2017) - Part 1
Appendix F.  Noise Study (SHN, 2017)Appendix T.1  Central Arcata Areawide Traffic Study (W-Trans, 2017) - Part 2
Appendix G. Phase I Environmental Assessment (SHN, 1993)Appendix T.1  Central Arcata Areawide Traffic Study (W-Trans, 2017) - Part 3
Appendix H.  Initial Report of Findings (SHN, Jan. 1995)Appendix T.1  Central Arcata Areawide Traffic Study (W-Trans, 2017) - Part 4
Appendix I.  Work Plan for Hydro-geologic Investigations and Remedial Action (SHN, May 1995)Appendix T.2  Response to Comments on the Central Arcata Areawide Traffic Study (W-Trans, 2018)
Appendix J.  Initial Groundwater Investigation Report of Findings (SHN, Aug. 1995)Appendix U.  Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) Analysis (W&S Solutions, 2016)
Appendix K.  Quarterly Groundwater Monitoring Reports (SHN, 1996-1998) - Part 1Appendix V.  Soils Report (LACO, 2002)
Appendix K.  Quarterly Groundwater Monitoring Reports (SHN, 1996-1998) - Part 2Appendix W.  Hydraulic Analysis (Domenichelli & Associates, 2005)
Appendix K.  Quarterly Groundwater Monitoring Reports (SHN, 1996-1998) - Part 3Appendix X.  Stormwater Management Assessment (SHN, Nov. 2018)
Appendix K.  Quarterly Groundwater Monitoring Reports (SHN, 1996-1998) - Part 4Appendix Y.  Biological Assessment (MRB, 2000)
Appendix L.  Subsurface Investigation Report of Findings (SHN, June 1996)Appendix Z.  Biological Report (SPC, May 2016)
Appendix M.  Remedial Action Plan (SHN, July 1996)Appendix AA.  Wetland Delineation (SPC, Feb. 2016)
Appendix N.  Soil Excavation Report of Findings (SHN, July 1997)Appendix BB.  Wetland Assessment – Ennes Park Expansion (SPC, 2017)
Appendix O.  Site Development Contamination Contingency and Site Safety Plan (SHN, 1998)Appendix CC.  Wetland Assessment – Hammond Trail Section (SHN, Nov. 2018)

Appendix DD.  Wetland Mitigation and Monitoring Plan (Winzler & Kelly, 2006)