Building Application Forms, Checklists, and FAQs

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Application forms are PDF forms can be downloaded and completed on your computer, or printed and filled out by hand.

Checklists are detailed guidelines to ensure that California building codes are met, and that all necessary information is submitted.  Our goal is to make sure that applications can be reviewed quickly and efficiently.

Supporting forms are forms that may be required - the checklists will let you know.

APPLICATION FORMSResidential Building  Application

Resubmit / Revision / Deferral Application

Photo-Voltaic Application

CHECKLISTSNew Residential and Additions (New Square Footage)

Residential Alterations (No New Square Footage)

Deck Checklist

SUPPORTING FORMSStormwater Information Form

Waste Management Plan (Pre-Construction)

Waste Management Final Report (Post Construction)

Deferred Submittal Information
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  3.           FAQs          
Owner / Builder FormCan also be used to authorize an agent to act for the owner
Smoke and CO Self-Certification
Required for re-roofing projects
Plan Retrieval RequestUsed to obtain copy of plans that are archived
Authorization of Agent FormProperty owners may authorize someone to sign permit documents on their behalf