Zero Waste Task Force 2018/19


Regular 2018/2019 Zero Waste Task Force meetings will be held the 1st Tuesday of each month.

Task Force duties will sunset on Sunday, December 1, 2019 upon delivery of their final report unless extended by the City Council.

About The Task Force

The Arcata City Council has created the Zero Waste Task Force to develop strategies for implementation of the City’s Zero Waste Action Plan and engage the public around the goal of Zero Waste. The task force will identify, prioritize and make recommendations to the City Council on projects and programs based on the City’s Zero Waste Action Plan that would move the City forward in reaching the goal of Zero Waste.

The Zero Waste Task Force serves in an advisory capacity to the City Council and City staff on matters pertaining to achieving Zero Waste. Further, the Task Force is charged with preparing recommendations that could be considered and utilized by the City in implementation of the plan.

Zero Waste is a materials management approach that prevents waste and then establishes reuse and recycling policies, programs and infrastructure for all materials entering the community. Zero Waste’s goal is to ensure that nothing is sent to a landfill or incinerator and to make certain that resources we take from the earth continue to be used efficiently without waste and excess burden to the environment. The Arcata City Council set a goal of becoming a Zero Waste City in 2015, and has created a Zero Waste Action Plan that has developed strategies to achieve this goal.

Task Force Members

  • Mike Alves, At-Large Member
  • Sophia Bogner, At-Large Member
  • Casey Cruikshank, At-Large Member
  • Lea Eider, At-Large Member
  • Vacancy
  • Tallchief Comet, Humboldt State University Representative
  • Linda Wise, Recology Representative
  • Emily Benvie, City Staff Liaison