Historic Landmarks Committee

The Historic Landmarks Committee was established in 2010, by the adoption of City Ordinance No. 1401. The Committee's primary functions are to serve in an advisory capacity to the Council, Commissions and City staff in matters pertaining to structures, sites or neighborhoods having special character or historic, architectural, cultural aesthetic or value. 

The powers and duties of the Historic Landmarks Committee are as specified in the 
Arcata Municipal CodeSections 2277 to 2280

Regular Meetings

  • 4 PM
  • 3rd Thursday of each month or at the call of the Chair
  • Meetings are held in Arcata City Council Chamber, located at 736 F Street 
  • Vacancy, term expires in 2021
  • Tim Keefe, term expires in 2021
  • Jill MacDonald, term expires in 2022
  • Alexandra Stillman, term expires 2022
  • William Rich, term expires in 2023

Staff Liaison

David Loya, Community Development Department
For earlier committee agendas, please contact the Community Development Department at 707- 822-5955.
Annual Reports to the Council
Please be sure to view all Annual Reports.