Arcata Ridge Trail Project


  • Connect public lands together and create a 4-mile redwood forest trail between the City's northern and southern limits.
  • Strengthens Arcata's appeal as an active tourism destination and will be a recreational resource for local hikers, bicyclists and equestrians.
  • Help protect Arcata's undeveloped eastern boundary, wildlife habitat and viewshed.
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Project Update:

The City of Arcata is currently reviewing the potential environmental impacts of the proposed ridge trail improvements. Environmental documents drafted per the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) will be stored on this page for community review and comment.

The project involves construction, use, and maintenance of the recreational trail segment, and will construct approximately 1,600 linear feet of recreational trail. The project also includes a crossing of Fickle Hill Road to facilitate recreational use connectivity. The trail segment connects two tracts that are part of the greater Arcata Community Forest and is part of the Arcata Ridge Trail.

It has been found that the proposed project could not have a significant effect on the environment, and a negative declaration has been prepared.

New Project Documents for Review:

About the Trail

The City of Arcata is creating a 4-mile trail running from West End Road to Buttermilk Lane, crossing through the Sunny Brae and Arcata Community Forests. When complete, the Arcata Ridge Trail will allow hikers, bikers and equestrians to travel from the north to south of the City limits without leaving scenic redwood forested hillsides. Once the Annie and Mary Trail is complete, there will be less than a mile between the 2 trails, making it possible to walk or ride all the way from Blue Lake through Arcata.

Tourism & Nature Benefits

The trail will strengthen Arcata’s reputation as an active travel destination and help preserve the City’s undeveloped eastern greenbelt boundary, which would both maintain a wildlife corridor and protect the headwaters of Janes Creek, Gannon Slough and Beith Creek from future development.

Land Acquisition

Currently, the City is acquiring easements and purchasing parcels to “fill in the gaps” to provide space for an eventual trail as well as to protect the forested ridge line habitat of east Arcata.

Community Support

The community has been enthusiastically supportive of purchasing of properties for this ecological greenbelt and to complete the trail, and has helped with fundraisers, such as:
  • The Arcata Ridge Trail Festival - An annual weekend of mountain bike races, trail runs and music
  • Bat ‘N’ Rouge - A comedy drag softball fundraiser

Make a Donation

Donations can be made directly to the Arcata Forest Fund which is administered by the Humboldt Area Foundation.Make a donation online here: Arcata Forest Fund, or checks can be made out to the "Arcata Forest Fund" and sent to the Foundation at:
373 Indianola Road
Bayside, CA 95524
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