Why Support the Bayside Park Farm CSA?

Bridge the Gap Between Farmers & Consumers
Shareholders who pledge their support in the spring share in the bounty of the season. Buying directly from the farm provides financial stability and removes the uncertainty of food distribution. Furthermore, buying directly from the farmer tends to keep your dollars in our local economy.

Follow Your Food Shed
Like water flowing from mountains to the sea, following your food from seed to table, your food shed, is an exciting journey. The Bayside Park Farm's CSA is a gateway to understanding how and where your food is grown. Visiting our farm and seeing your food grow completes the link to you and your food.

Savor the Flavor of Seasonal Fruits & Veggies
A perfectly ripened strawberry is the essence of a summer day. CSA's shorten the time it takes produce to go from the vine to your table. We harvest your produce the same day you pick it up, at the peak of ripeness, so you're sure to receive the freshest, healthiest food possible.