Conflict of Interest Code

The City is required to adopt and maintain a Conflict of Interest Code. This Code is found in the Arcata Municipal Code at Title II, Chapter 8. Under state law, the code must be reviewed every 2 years and amended as circumstances change. The City's code must be consistent with the minimum requirements of the Political Reform Act (Government Code sections 87300-87314)

Statement of Economic Interest
The following designated employees and appointed commission / committee members file an annual Statement of Economic Interests (California Fair Political Practices Commission Form 700) with the City Clerk. The City Clerk retains the Statements of Economic Interests. Copies are available at a cost of 10 cents per page from the City Clerk's Office.
  1. Designated Employees
  2. Economic Development Committee
  3. Planning Commission
Designated Employees
  • Mark Andre, Director of Environmental Services
  • Tom Chapman, Chief of Police
  • Doby Class, City Engineer
  • Danette Demello, Assistant City Manager/Personnel Director
  • Netra Khatri, Assistant City Engineer
  • David Loya, Director of Community Development
  • Erik Lust, Deputy Director of Environmental Services (Streets-Utilities)
  • Julie Neander, Deputy Director of Environmental Services (Community Services)
  • Larry Pardi, Transportation Superintendent
  • Chad Pasquini, Building Official
  • Dillon Savage, Information Technology Manager
  • Deputy Director of Community Development
  • Property and Special Projects Manager
  • Property and Special Projects Manager
  • Property and Special Projects Manager