Planning Permits

Planning Permit Application

Depending on the proposed project, one or more planning permits may be required in addition to other permits required by other City departments such as a building permit or an encroachment permit from the Building & Engineering Department.

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  • A tree removal permit from the Planning Department may also require an encroachment permit from the Engineering Department if the tree removal service will have equipment staged in the public right-of-way.

Planning Permit Applications may be submitted by email or mail; however, Planning Permit Deposits (see below) will need to be made before the application is processed.

Planning Permit Deposit

Planning Permit processes and fees vary depending on the approval authority for the proposed project. A non-refundable deposit is required when submitting a Planning Permit Application. When the deposit is exhausted, customers are billed for any staff time or costs that exceed the amount of the deposit.

If you are not sure which deposit needs to be paid, please contact a Planner by emailing

We accept cash, check, and credit card payments:

  • Cash: Email or call #707-822-5955 to make arrangements for delivery of cash.
  • Check: Use the City of Arcata payment boxes in front of City Hall (next to the mailbox) or in the rear City Hall parking lot (near the light pole facing the Library).
  • Credit Card: Email or call #707-822-5955 to make arrangements to provide credit card information over the phone.  (Please note there is a 3% surcharge for credit card charges of $500 or more.)

Pre-Application Meetings

Larger or fairly complex development projects will usually benefit from a Pre-Application Meeting. This meeting brings together City staff from different departments, and sometimes outside agencies, to answer questions and provide comments on the proposed project. The purpose of the meeting is to understand what City staff will require for the proposed project, which will assist in helping make informed decisions.

There is no cost for Pre-Application Meetings. We request that documents and specific questions are provided at least a week in advance of the meeting. Electronic copies of all documents can be emailed, though hard copies of plans for larger projects may be requested to help facilitate review of the proposed project. 

Planning Permit Checklists

Administrative Actions

Zoning Administrator / Director Action (with No Public Hearing)

Zoning Administrator / Director Action (with Public Hearing)

Use Permit (with Public Hearing)

Supplemental Application Materials

Site Plan / Plot Plan Checklist 

Landscape Plan Checklist


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