Safe Routes to Schools


Wednesday, October 3, 2012 is Walk to School Day 

Parents and caregivers, please take a minute to fill out a survey about walking and biking to school. Thank you!




The City of Arcata's first-ever citywide Walk 'n' Roll School Challenge took place in 2010.


Coastal Grove Charter School won the trophy for the CARPE MENSIS award.



Arcata Represents!

SEE HOW WE ROLL? Scenes from International Walk to School Day, October 6, 2010.


AES walking   

AES_W2S sign Arcata Elementary wants you to get the message....                 

  AES x-walk dog bikes   Dogs, bikes, strollers, and buses, too!  

JCS at Buttermilk  Walking to Jacoby Creek School  

SB 1st walkers  Sunny Brae's Walking Vanguard arrives.




   "Stop, Look & Listen" featuring Lisa Monet's original song & local stars, Jacoby Creek School Kindergarteners!


 This is a video (and song) for teaching young kids how to cross the street safely.  Made by Humboldt folks! See if you can find anyone you know--then get their autograph!    


Websites with a gazillion ideas, resources, downloads, activities, etc. for Walk to School, Walk'n'Roll, and Safe Routes to School programs:

What's happening in California for Walk to School Day 2012?

What's happening in Humboldt County for Walk to School Day 2012?


Check out "Who's Who" walking (& rolling) in the U.S.A. >>>  click arrow  Logo-iwalkUSA

Official website of International Walk to School -- iwalk-globe    








California Walk to School Headquaters  CA Walk to School




Safe Routes to School National Partnership: "Changing the habits of an entire generation" -- sr2s Nat'l Partnership   




National Center for Safe Routes to School -- Natl Ctr sr2s  













How are youth in other counties and countries leading their communities?....  




Urban Thinkers...encouraging children & youths to walk & bike Urbanthinkers, Canada logo

  Green Communities Canada & Urban Thinkers collaboration -- YWalk_CAN  







TeensGoGreenTEENS in Marin County, CA: "come together go green" video  










Walk'n'Roll Challenge Resources

Walk & Roll to School Handbook - Very HANDY for making a Walk to School Day program at your school (created by Safe Routes to Schools Alameda County).
Student's Own Travel Diary
Class Trip Counter-Hand Survey
Class Trip Counter-Students' Names[pdf] [Excel]  




Download Walk-to-School Event Resources:









Proud to be WALKING stickers (20/sheet)

Proud to be BICYCLING stickers (20/sheet)




I Walked/Bike to School Today stickers (30/sheet)  







Arcata's Safe Routes to Schools "7 E's"

Education and Encouragment

Bike Train Guidelines  




Start a Walk'n'Roll Club!....  Frequent Walker/Bicyclist Punchcards:  IWTS-USA card | Footprints/Prize card     




Equity and Ecology




The National Center for Safe Routes shares lots of resources for the 5 E's:  




They have a comprehensive online reference manual for the 5 E's: [The guide was developed by the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC) in collaboration with SRTS experts from around the country.]