Three Part Arcata History Series - Video

Rediscover Arcata EVENTS in the Local History Lecture Series
Sponsored by the City of Arcata, the Historic Sites Society of Arcata and the Humboldt County Historical Society

The Local History Lecture Series features three free lectures.  Speakers offer new insights on some lesser-known but still significant historical resources.

Thursdays, from 7:00-8:30 pm.

1. The Vanished Neighborhood: Looking Back at Bayview.

Held February 10th at the D Street Neighborhood Center, Arcata

Watch Video Below of the first in the three part Arcata history series.

Matina Kilkenny, Executive Director, Humboldt County Historical Society, takes us back to an earlier Bayview neighborhood, which was lost with the expansion of Highway 101 during the early 1970s.  Kilkenney has been a resident of East Arcata for more than 30 years and will describe the changes she observed as well as her research, images, and oral histories gathered from long-term residents.

2. Back to the Future: A Tour of Arcata’s Modern Resources along the Redwood Highway: 1900-1970. 

Held March 3rd at Arcata Community Center, Senior Room

Watch Video Below of the second in the three part Arcata history series.

Susan Doniger, Public Historian and past member of the City of Whittier’s Historic Resources Commission, traces part of Arcata’s recent past in her talk on G Street’s historic transportation corridor.

3. Speaking of Place: Revealing Landscape Narratives in Arcata & Humboldt County.

March 10th at the Arcata Community Center, Senior Room

Watch Video Below of the last in the three part Arcata history series.

Fran Beatty, Member, Arcata Historic Landmarks Committee, along with Cheryl Seidner, Tribal Chair, Wiyot Tribe, will both use their professional experiences in landscape architecture, historic preservation, and cultural history to offer perspectives on the multi-layered stories imbedded in the landscape.

PART I - Fran Beatty

PART II - Cheryl Seidner

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