City Water/Sewer Bills Have a New Look

Residents of Arcata may have noticed that the utility bill has changed from a post card to a letter-sized account statement.  This is due to the fact that the City has implemented a new financial information system.

The New Utility Bill Account Statement can be broken down into two main parts:  

The Statement (upper 2/3 of page) portion of your bill includes account information, current meter readings and consumption amounts, current charges, bill summary, and a bar chart showing comparative consumption history.  Special messages are also included to alert you to important items. 

The Payment Coupon (bottom 1/3 of the page) portion is to be used to make remittances to the City, similar to the old post card remittance stub.

Finance Department staff is working hard to make this a smooth transition and have plans to implement online utility payments within the next few months.

For more information, questions or comments, please contact the Finance Department at 822-5951.