Arcata Receives Funding for Transitional Housing

Property at 250 E Street



On Thursday, April 29, 2010, the City of Arcata was awarded $1,680,000 by the State to develop transitional housing for the homeless at 250 E Street.  The State awarded the City $880,000 from its Emergency Housing Assistance Program and $800,000 from its Community Development Block Grant program.  The City owns the 250 E Street property and according to Community Development Director Larry Oetker, "The next step will be to meet with neighbors to address their concerns prior to applying for a Conditional Use Permit".  Last year as part of the City’s efforts to comply with Senate Bill 2 Housing for the Homeless, the City placed an overlay zone on the 250 E Street property to allow for transitional housing.  The City intends to develop housing for 40 people in partnership with Arcata House, which will operate the housing once it is developed.  Arcata Mayor Alex Stillman said she is thankful for the State's ongoing support and efforts to develop affordable housing in Arcata and reiterated the City’s commitment to work with the neighbors to develop a project of which we can all be proud.  In addition to the 40 units at 250 E Street, the City intends to work toward developing an additional 40 units of emergency housing in the City’s Aldergrove neighborhood and to support the All Faith Partnership’s efforts to develop 20 units on Boyd Road.  “These 100 new units of housing will greatly assist those in Arcata who wish to escape homelessness”, Mayor Stillman said.