Charge up your electric vehicle in Downtown Arcata

Try the new Level II ChargePoint electric vehicle charging station in Arcata

Drivers of newer model Nissan Leafs, Toyota Prius Plug-ins and Chevy Volts can now charge their cars at a new ChargePoint electric vehicle station at the corner of F and 8th Streets in Downtown Arcata. Thanks to a grant from the California Energy Commission and a partnership with local engineering firm OurEvolution, Arcata offers electric vehicle drivers space in this conveniently located parking lot to plug in and top up for just $1 an hour. 

Arcata's ChargePoint electric vehicle charging station

February 7, 2014

Electric vehicle drivers have two new charging stations in downtown Arcata and Eureka

Thanks to a grant from the California Energy Commission’s Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program, the City of Arcata recently installed its first Level II electric vehicle charging station equipment. The Eureka branch of GHD, an international engineering firm, also received a new charging station under the grant, adding to the growing network of charging stations designed to support electric vehicle adoption on the North Coast.

OurEvolution, a local ChargePoint electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) dealer and engineering firm, obtained the grant and provided the EVSE, civil engineering and construction management for the project. GHD provided the electrical engineering and Alchemy Construction successfully completed the equipment installations. The Redwood Coast Energy Authority will be acting as the local administrator for these and other stations as the planned network grows.

Arcata’s Level II charging station equipment is located in the F Street public parking lot adjacent to the Arcata Volunteer Fire Department. The new, 240 volt, 7.2 kilowatt equipment can charge all electric vehicles equipped with the industry standard J1772 plug for $1 an hour, payable by major credit card or ChargePoint card. Owners of older model or retrofitted electric vehicles can still plug in at the F Street charging station for no charge. Revenue generated will be used to pay electricity costs and further develop the local electric vehicle charging network.

“Arcata strives to be on the cutting edge and we are so excited to see our community embrace electric vehicle technology,” says Arcata Mayor Mark Wheetley. “We’ve received many requests to install a charging station that supports the new cars on the market. Many thanks to OurEvolution for finding grant funding to purchase and install this new station at no cost to our community.”

GHD’s charging station is located at their offices at 3rd and H Streets in Old Town, Eureka. To find the nearest electric vehicle charging station location, see whether the station is in use and the charging rates, if any, download the ChargePoint phone app, go to or call the Redwood Coast Energy Authority at (707) 269-1700.