Get your Bayside Park Farm CSA shares while they last!

Buy 21 weeks of local, organic produce for $450 from Bayside Park Farm.

May 2, 2013                                                                                                

Get Your Bayside Park Farm Shares While They Last!
Vegetable Pick Up Begins the First Week of June

Now is the time to secure your farm share from the Bayside Park Farm before the vegetable harvesting begins. Enjoy 21 weeks, from June until November, of some of the freshest organic produce available, grown with care by local farmers. Each farm share costs $450 and each week’s box of produce will feed about three or four people. That’s about $22 a week for organic, locally grown food.

Community supported agriculture, or CSAs, are a way for people to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer. Members of the CSA support their farmers by pledging their commitment and purchasing a share in the spring. Once harvest begins, shareholders pick up their portion of weekly produce at the farm. Buying directly from the farmer keeps your dollars local, builds a sustainable economy and cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions from trucking in food.

Bayside Park Farm is a two-acre vegetable farm located in the City of Arcata’s Bayside Park on Old Arcata Road. The Farm has been operated since 1993 by blossoming student farmers.

To buy a share in your community organic farm, contact the Arcata Recreation Division office at (707) 822-7091. Shares can also be purchased online at For more information about CSAs and the Farm, call Farmer Jayme at (615) 427-9372 or Farmer Leandra at (951) 258-4609, or email