Surf the web while you ride or wait for your bus

Free Wi-Fi available on A&MRTS Red, Gold route buses and Arcata Transit Center
April 5, 2013                                                                                                                                     

Wi-Fi available on A&MRTS buses

Riders on the Arcata and Mad River Transit System Gold and Red Routes are enjoying free Wi-Fi in transit and while waiting for their buses at the Arcata Transit Center. The buses and Transit Center were wired for Wi-Fi at the beginning of the year and use has been increasing steadily.

“We are utilizing Verizon 4G to get roughly a 15 megabyte per second connection on each bus, which allows us not to worry about how many people connect at the same time,” says City of Arcata IT manager Dillon Savage.

The Wi-Fi service is paid for by a California State ¼ cent sales tax on diesel fuel sales.

“Being online while in transit makes taking the bus a more attractive option for working people and students,” says Arcata Mayor Shane Brinton. “And anything that increases public transportation use makes sense for the environment. I’m very glad that the City buses are offering this service to the community.”

For more information about Wi-Fi on the A&MRTS buses, please call (707) 822-3775.