Congratulations HSU students! Remember to resell and donate when moving

Illegally dumped housewares overtax landfills. Recycle, reuse or donate instead.

Moving? Don’t Dump and Run!
The City of Arcata Offers Free Recycle, Resell and Donate Guides

(Arcata, CA) Arcata students, are you moving? Are you looking for a place to dispose of some perfectly good possessions? Don’t send them to the landfill—send them to one of our local thrift stores. The City of Arcata's Environmental Services Department's handy guide, "Moving? Don’t Dump and Run" lists local thrift stores that take unwanted goods and tells you how to donate stuff so it doesn’t end up at the dump. The brochure is available at Arcata City Hall and online at

If you are an Arcata landlord and would like a supply of these brochures, please contact the Environmental Services Department at (707) 822-8184 or email