Transaction & Use Tax Oversight Committee Members

The Transaction and Use Tax Oversight Committee consists of seven members who have interest, knowledge or experience with budgetary and fiscal processes and an understanding of relevant community issues. Five members shall be selected by the City Council and one member each shall be selected by the Chief of Police and by the Director of Public Works. Future vacancies of the five Council-appointed members shall be filled by appointment by a majority of the City Council. Of the seven members, five must live within Arcata City limits and two may live or work in the Arcata Planning Area. See current vacancies and residency qualifications.

The Transaction and Use Tax Oversight Committee will automatically sunset in November 2028, when the sales tax is no longer imposed.


Committee members serve four year staggered terms, at two year intervals, ending December 31.

Ginger Campbell
Term: 2018
Steve Cole
Term: 2016
Stan Elcock
Term: 2016
Robin Hashem
Term: 2018
Jeffery Knapp
Term: 2018
Michael Machi
Term: 2018
Term: 2016
Staff Liaison: Janet Luzzi
Finance Director
Powers and Duties

The powers and duties of the Transaction and Use Tax Oversight Committee are as specified in the Arcata Municipal Code, Sections 2270 to 2276. These powers and duties are outlined as follows:

A. To review the City of Arcata general fund public works (streets) and public safety activity budgets based on historical data and need.

B. In November of each year, to report to the City Council the result of the review conducted in Section 2271(A) and make recommendations for general fund expenditures for the following fiscal year in the public works (streets) and public safety activity budgets.

C. To review and make recommendations on other general fund matters as the City Council may direct through resolution.